WCN Food Pantry

 We know that no matter how hard we plan, sometimes things just don’t work out.  At these times, a helping hand is much appreciated.  Therefore, we started the WCN Food Pantry for just those times.

Located within the walls of the Museum of the American Indians of the Ozark’s Plateau, The WCN Food Pantry is dedicated to helping peoples less fortunate and people who have fallen on hard times.

If you carry an American Indian membership card from any Tribe, recognized or non-recognized, and you show need, you will receive food.  If you can bring a voucher from Pastors, Priest, or law enforcement officials stating need, you will receive food.  Otherwise state your need and circumstance, and you can come to our monthly distribution.

If life gets you down, please don’t be too proud to ask for help.

WCN Pantry is open once a month on the 4th Thursday from 11 AM to 3 PM.  Additional days of giving occur when produce is donated to the Pantry.

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