B.I.A. Requested Forms

Forms necessary for specific procedures are listed and can be downloaded from this page. Forms should be filled out and sent with any required payment to The WCNAM Office, PO Box 606, Mansfield, MO  65704.

Application forms to apply for membership can be downloaded using the links below.  Addresses provided must include a physical (street) address; if your mailing address is a PO Box, the B.I.A. requires you also provide a physical (street) address.  Applications submitted must include the $50.00 processing fee.

Complete PDF of the 3 forms required to apply for membership:   Application Package

Individual PDFs of the 3 forms required to apply for membership:


Ancestry Chart

Individual History Chart

​Download and mail this form to update your address in the WCNAM records:  Address Change Notice

The B.I.A. has specified that certain additional forms be filled out for Consent (once), and Proof of Interaction with the tribe (at least yearly, but more frequently is preferred).

These forms can be downloaded using the links below.

Consent form (This form needs to be turned in Quickly):  Member Consent

Proof of Interaction:  Proof of Interaction

There is also an Administration Fees form to fill out each year to pay the support cost of maintaining the tribal office and for the review and maintenance of membership records and tribal documentation.

Administration Fees are as follows:

Single Member …………………..$25.00
Husband And Wife…………………$35.00
Husband , wife and minor children (living in the home) ……………….$50.00

This form can be downloaded using the link below:

Administration Fees

Click this LINK to go to the online page for paying Administration Fees.