Our History

Western Cherokee Nation

Our History

We, the descendants of the Old Settlers/Western Cherokees, have the common goal of correcting our tribal status with the federal government.

In 1998 our deceased Chief, Lola Smith, formed the Western Cherokee Nation  of Arkansas & Missouri. Its purpose was, and is, to gather Descendants of Cherokee Blood by receiving Applications For Membership into the Non-profit corporation. Throughout the next eight (8) years, Chief Smith Compiled documents provided by the Applicants. In December 2006, With the assistance of several Members, she submitted a petition to the Bureau of Indian Affairs on behalf of the Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas & Missouri. We are Currently Identified with  the Office of Federal Acknowledgment as Petitioner #191.

Our lineage is documented Back more than 200 Years. It includes documentation by one early Chief and is kept inviolate over this span of time by his descendants to present day. Those Documents contain original data pertaining to early U.S. History, Some of which government Historians are lacking.

As a Tribe:  Treaties, court rulings,  Government assistance through 1940 and government contact have recognized us as a tribe. We had assigned Indian agents until 1962, as well as included on the Federal Register Recognized Tribe List until improper removal by unknown entities .

This improper removal is reason enough for us to Pursue our present course of action. We request from the U.S. Government documented proof that we are not a tribe. We ask for the immediate reinstatement we seek, as well as the individuals of this tribe receiving the compensation owed.

We commit to Complete this journey by whatever means we have at our disposal. One hundred and sixty years should be sufficient time. We ask for your assistance in our endeavor.


Chief Lola’s trip to Washington, DC with Jim Davis